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If you are wondering why Doug has not sent in any new motors for me to post, I can tell you he hasn't been back at the ranch long enough to get out the camera!

Since I'm snowed in here in New England, I thought I'd get you something new to look at :-) I hope you enjoy whatever I dig up.

And take heart, Doug has to run out of steam sooner or later and unload the truck and take some pics of the new stuff. Keep tuned in!

Here is a 1939 ad, and the whole magazine if you want to dig in. There is another issue down below for the 1933 Evinrude Fleetwin.

Elto 1939 Lightwin

Nice complete engine. Arguably the hardest to find of all the 1939 Eltos.

Elto 1933 Brass Fisherman 4hp

Complete. Last run in 1990

Evinrude 1933 Fleetwin 8.5hp

All original including paint and decals.
You won't find a more complete original example anywhere !

Sea King 1932 4hp

Early restoration, clean and complete.


Evinrude 1913-14 RBM 2hp

Early restoration. Lacks ID tag


  Exact reproduction rubber tiller grips

Evinrude 1932 Fleetwin

11hp Model 418 

Restored inside and out.

Scarce model!

Elto Super A 11hp 1932

Very clean.

Has embossed tank.

Evinrude Speeditwin


22hp - nice original

Johnson V45 1929

26 hp, 4 cylinder

Original "as found" .

Elto 1929 Model #331 Longshaft 7hp

Uncommon and desirable,

with reproduction rudder castings

Lockwood 72T

Basically complete and correct.

Nice engine to restore.

Johnson Model 210 1937

A very nice original. Great first time restoration project.

Evinrude 1941 Sportfour  17.6hp   

An uncommon model, with a good working rewind.

Peter Hunn just sent this video to me to share with everyone. Enjoy!!

Hi Doug,

Eric whipped up a short video from some clips (about the early Speedsters) taken on my iphone. The audio isn't so great, as we only used the phone's tiny mic, but I've been wanting to see what might be possible for a future series covering vintage "hobby" engines. If you think the content is any good, feel free to put it on your website. I had you in mind when Eric wondered who might have an interest in linking to the You Tube video.

Best regards- Peter

1936 Evinrude Sportfour

Old restoration.
Last run in 2001.

Evinrude 1941 Sportfour  17.6hp   

An uncommon model, with a good working rewind.

Johnson MS38-39 reproduction rear covers

This weeks new arrival is a reproduction part and not a motor.
I finally got the reproduction fiberglass Johnson MS38-39 rear covers made.
In stock for immediate shipping or delivery.

  Limited quantity.
Top quality fit and finish.  Just paint to match.

Easy to apply vinyl decals to match.

Evinrude 3hp folding motor

w/travel case + tank.

Reported to run.

Clean and complete. 1968


Elto PalHave you thought about sending in some photos of your latest restoration?
How about some pics of it being used afterwards, or being worked on before?

(We all love seeing stuff "before" with work in progress!!)

Check out the latest posting in our Shameless Testimonial section
from Don Davis in South Carolina...

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New product introduction: Elto Speedster timer cases.

These are all new castings that are machined.


New Elto Ruddertwin reproduction coil.

All modern components that look just like the original.

New cloth wire and modern internals.
                          Ready to go.  Fits all Elto Lightwin (Ruddertwin) ,motors of from 1921 to 1930/31.  

Speedsters as well.

New reproduction Evinrude RBM parts in stock! 
Here are just some...

...muffler cans, starter knobs, water line crimp rings flywheel nuts, tiller handles,  carburetor knobs, decals, thumb screws and pads.  Much more. All new and all correct.

 A good stock of used parts for all the Evinrude Row Boat Motors from 1915-1928


By Doug Penn

originally for AOMCI Knuckle Buster Chapter's THE KNUCKLE KNEWS - Vol. 18, #4

The info on Neptune Mighty Mite new old stock I have is...
...I have all that was left in the factory,
all the parts and motors in progress!

I am the now the Mighty Mite King! :-)

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Here at Doug Penn Vintage Outboard Motors and parts, each and every order is checked for completeness and correctness by Molly, our full time Quality assurance cat.

Miss Molly is poised to answer your email inquiries and process orders at the drop of a mouse!

News Flash! Meet Tiki. Molly has recruited a West Coast operations manager trainee!

Miss Molly's other friend sent her this picture.

Puddie has learned to apply a critical eye to restorations.

Cats are particularly well suited to be critics
as they really don't give a toss what you think
and they tell you like it is!

And, Miss Molly has a European penpal!
This is Muselier, a French cat on a GUTBROD outboard.

Here is Doug at Mark Trimble's 2013 February Branson, MO swap meet.

Yup...that's Doug!
This, too.


Shadetree Web Mechanic - Emma Craib

Ice fishing...

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